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Fosskemian digital sketch by zoppadoppa Fosskemian digital sketch :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 0 0
The Glinnvyr
Biology and Psychology
Glinnvyr are ice worlders who have transcended the slowness of typical low metabolism life by shifting metabolic states- being statue-like one minute and moving at insane rates as needed.  The Glinnvyr are in a niche akin to a more social jaguar, climbing in trees and hunting down prey.  However, despite their low sociality they can be shockingly coordinated.  Their social structure is more egalitarian and individualistic than humans, with much less social stratification in general, often being united by common ideas more than by kinship.  The Glinnvyr body design is very elongated, with three jointed limbs that at the third joint split into two sub-limbs which act like both extremely large grabbers with their hands and feet at the ends of them.  
The Glinnvyr can radically alter their time perception as needed, in factors of 100 at most.  Most Glinnvyr tend to seem like statues until they inexplicably move rapidly, sometimes
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Tikali by zoppadoppa Tikali :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 2 0
Universe Kappa
Seeding approach! 
Thematically it shall be about paranoia, cultural relativism vs absolutism, the contradictory nature of our existence and ephemerality of civilization.  Also about exploration, curiosity and contending with overwrought fear brought on by our nature. 
Or something like that. 
It’s not a cynical sci-fi, it’s much more optimistic than a lot of other sci-fi settings out there.  However, for all the atrocities there is still a sense of nobility which pushes us forward even in a seemingly corrupt and desolate existence. 
Humans have hit a zenith, breaking away from the petri dish of Earth and setting up colonies in other star systems.  Technology is not too different from today despite there being over a thousand years from now to the future, but to pretend like major shifts in how human cultures and societies behave have not occurred is madness.  The automation revolution and the existence of all matt
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Universe Zeta Pt. 2
Humans have had a harsh history, no doubt.  First humans struggled on their home world against each other, than struggled against the Vamusk slave raiders to their best abilities.  But of course, humans had to dig deeper and deeper.  The Vamusk are thankfully a blind species, and have many enemies.
The Grand Coalition, the most powerful human society which had a dozen colony ships colonize star systems over a thousand light years from Sol managed to get themselves into a war with another alien civilization.  Fools!  But lucky fools, for the Silver Legion was merciful by comparison and only installed a puppet government to aid in integration to their society- they saw it as a path to redemption for your kind.  You see it as but another xeno oppressor. 
Mind you, this is not a galaxy where it is just “aliens and humans”- this is a galaxy where there are Ccrypcp, Asantum, Vamusk, Rovii, Human and Aveterriat.  And countless others, for th
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Universe Zeta Pt.1
-Lux energy/particles.  Lux comes from stars.  Lux has properties in its nature that allow it to rip cuts in the fabric of reality, allowing for interstellar travel.  Lux is pretty much scratching the surface on just what is possible, and is not a easy resource to attain.  Lux is concentrated most around bright stars and sol is too dim to have Lux.  Thankfully an interstellar network of naturally occurring points in space where interstellar travel is achieved from connective strands (‘stress marks’ in space-time) between stars exists.  Lux essentially creates space-time bubbles around ships and ‘slides’ to other star systems based on the direction of the drive itself.  The bubble generating components of the ship being more or less a means of amplifying or modifying the shape of the spatial bubble.   
-Jump Points are naturally occurring wormhole anomalies
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Universe Epsilion
Living among the ruins of the greatest empire that ever existed, surrounded by beings demonic and angelic. The crying towers of metropoli endless. The once pristine cityscapes reveal their cracks, the mindless drones who act without thought, they work as they had for millennia. I see all this from the gaping wound of a skyscraper.  
Making way, there is a path to greatness among this maze. A portal opens with a zap of energy, to worlds too distant to accurately fathom.   
Against beings from hell we managed to persevere, they do not intimidate or rule us.  We are seeking a civilization of humanity.  It exists out there, where? No one knows. In a galaxy so vast, a entire empire is impossible to find. 
We travel from gateway to gateway, travelling to worlds numerous. Every turn, it would seem that there's another danger awaiting for us. For however long, no one can truly know, since the end, this is how things have been.
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Universe Alpha
The Spinoza Setting, reverbing in the efforts to cut down the non-sense sees the built up world in the fundamental way.  Less magical quantum events, more natural means of exploring and minimal FTL systems that don’t overburden the setting with some over complex network of worm holes or some other drivel of that sort.   
This document is to help in building out the baseline of my setting using data gained from nearly three months of world building along with the occasional short story attempt. 
I suppose I am trying to find the identity of the setting and its tenets.  Let’s begin!  
Using a Gregorian calendar, it is the year 3450 AD.  Interstellar civilizations have been established for millennia.  Humans are one of the denizens of the stars now, having long since left their attachment to earth.  
I plan to build out my setting, than  
Faster-Than-Light (o
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Universe Delta
Well, my friend.  Gero’s life is one that seeks a happiness from the tower of stone.  Where he looks out the windows to the endless and azure seas.  There, he sees the troublesome fact as he walks out among the crumbling rocks, the jagged steps with the footsteps of many before him.  What is he to the vastness above him? 
And does it matter? 
Gero enters his space craft, at the dock of the sea, the comfort of the pilot seat nothing to the sheer acceleration and force launched upon him as things accelerated out to the depths.  Skimming the ocean surface as the ship accelerations, lifting upwards to hypersonic velocities in a matter of seconds.  Flying through the clouds, dense as they are, the sheer amount of energy streaking a light through the sky.  Rapidly, his ship soars beyond the clouds and towards the exosphere.  Going at velocities fas
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Zatrai Destroyer by zoppadoppa Zatrai Destroyer :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 0 0
Unknown Story
I see a phantom on the white shores and turquoise seas.  This phantom is a tall, meandering figure made from fake cobalt fabrics with geometric patterns.  The phantom’s robes slowly float in the breeze, so much like an apparition that the only thing that comes to mind is a phantom.  I am not sure if it’s anything artificial due to the sheer ethereal nature of it.  It looks at me, despite having no eyes.  Instead, this phantom has an obsidian black head shaped like a dodecahedron.  Just by that strange glare it has, I had a clue of where I am.
I am not on Earth.
The thick air of this planet is breathable.  However, I must breathe heavily, much more heavily than on Earth.  The pressure of the air thankfully isn’t choking.  It’s more like a light mist as opposed to a dense cloud of smog.  Regardless, I find myself panting.  Simply looking into the sky reveals just how unearthly the realm is around me.  The
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Vectored Milky Way Galaxy by zoppadoppa Vectored Milky Way Galaxy :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 0 0
A (proclaimed) Million years of galactic History
(Before 1 Mya) Archaic Epoch  
The earliest epoch, mainly filler to bloat the timeline as to claim “million years of galactic history” despite not really wanting to have that much time.  I initially was going to, but didn’t want to overly stretch things out.   
Anyhow, this epoch will look a bit at the state of the galaxy before the civilizations of the fumes.  Before the fumes, the only civilizations that could develop, in absence of FTL, would be hive minds and gaians.  These entities were very slow paced, operating on time scales much higher than the ephemeral flash of civilization that would consume the milky way galaxy in the times to come.   
The hive minds, which may have taken the form of machines as well, had to spend millennia trekking from star system to star system.
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Older Space Opera History
In the times before the Empire, there came the Builders and pantheon.  The builders and the Fumic were the two first societies to exist.  In a untainted galaxy the Fumic in this early era feigned godhood to multiple species- the Pantheon being the first interstellar empire.  The Pantheon was a paradise, as was the perfection of the builders who built massive structures and lived within their own world content with their vast megastructures built again and again, for the sake of creation.  The Pantheon acted as a universal moral society over all lesser societies.  At the time species now lost to time and the Vamusk were among these species.  The Pantheon lasted for thousands of years, their dominance unquestioned by these primitive societies.   
The Pantheon however grew more corrupt, and despite eight thousand years of seemingly golden rule would commit the original sin- t
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Logarithmic Future
Ten Years 
Hello!  Let me tell you about the future.  
 Tired of the war on terror?  Oh well, the worst parts for you back in 2015 are only now beginning.  To say the least, it’s going to get way, way worse before it gets better.  To think, a whole generation of bullshit jihads and terror attacks commissioned by self-proclaimed, dirty lying imams that things finally are starting to calm down in the Middle East  …If only of course because there’s so few radicals these days and so many drones keeping watch they can’t really do much.  
The biggest issue now is in close proximity to China, with NK experiencing another humanitarian crises after China cut off any kind of aid but food to them…  Of which is traded for uranium by the state.   
Oh, and one last thing, if you were born in the 1990’s and have a 8
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Galactic Populations by zoppadoppa Galactic Populations :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 2 0


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Dimitri Kusnetsov
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
(Despite my fake name, I am actually every shade of caucasion ethnic BUT slavic)

I don't write about myself. However, I will say that I am a fan of sci-fi and tragedy. Also I like writing when I am not doing college work or doodling out imaginary worlds.
Remember those depreciated encyclopedias?


Good, I have something better now.


The formatting and grammar is horrible for now, just to warn you.


Fosskemian digital sketch
A digital sketch of a fosskemian, who are amphibians of sorts (their "legs" are used to float about in water, slide about, walk and glide for a bit...  Well, a bit).  Sketchbook traced from a drawing.

The pink things it is holding are anyone's guess.  Weapons perhaps, one may assume, or it could be some dumb bell type thing.  You will never know.
Biology and Psychology

Glinnvyr are ice worlders who have transcended the slowness of typical low metabolism life by shifting metabolic states- being statue-like one minute and moving at insane rates as needed.  The Glinnvyr are in a niche akin to a more social jaguar, climbing in trees and hunting down prey.  However, despite their low sociality they can be shockingly coordinated.  Their social structure is more egalitarian and individualistic than humans, with much less social stratification in general, often being united by common ideas more than by kinship.  The Glinnvyr body design is very elongated, with three jointed limbs that at the third joint split into two sub-limbs which act like both extremely large grabbers with their hands and feet at the ends of them.  

The Glinnvyr can radically alter their time perception as needed, in factors of 100 at most.  Most Glinnvyr tend to seem like statues until they inexplicably move rapidly, sometimes in sync, sometimes in a sequence of freezing and unfreezing.  While not socially stratified, there are cultures of Glinnvyr that are exceptionally coordinated in regards to their time dilating as their reaction times are far, far faster than ours.  The Glinnvyr developed their own form of FTL independently that involves opening gateways to other star systems over time as opposed to warping directly to a place.  (Or a krasnikov tube) The Glinnvyr usually live in smaller groups, with even their major factions being not being terribly huge in population.  The Glinnvyr are ancient enough to have existed during the collapse of the Sprawl, and were nearly invaded by the Sprawl.  The Glinnvyr have spread out significantly since then.

The Glinnvyr are one of the more enigmatic entities, coming from a titanesque world on the fringes of the Galaxy after the Annihilation and having since had an extremely long history of shifting from one mode of thought to another in a pattern of ideals that hold rarely to one ancient belief.  What are the Glinnvyr is a question that absorbs the minds of all manner of intellectuals in all parts of the galaxy.  The Identity of their kind is one that has renewed itself time again and again, over thousands of years they have molded themselves into ever stranger forms boths metaphorically and physically.  To the point where their kind is highly contradictory in their own biology and mindset, ever tottering in their icy pace yet always inexplicably jumping when one least expects it.

The Glinnvyr originated from pack/ambush predators, and thus they have tendencies towards arboreal and are rather individualistic in how they conduct relationships, often tending towards flatter social hierarchies and groups except in certain circumstances.  The material power of the highest ranking Glinnvyr is rarely much more than the material power of the common Glinnvyr which they rule, even the most stratified societies in their elaborate meritocracies have less a sense of hierarchy and more a sense of relative position in respect to one and another, all taking their roles based on their volition and ability.  The Glinnvyr however, do have leaders- autocratic ones too.  When they had not a chisel or hot hand to make structures or manipulate ecosystems with, they lived in large organic flora and around them, hunting as obligate carnivores and having to do so with much less energy than what Earth had.  Their environment wasn't entirely anoxic, as the oxygen fumes from organic cyrovolcano dwelling mega flora, but it was anoxic enough to limit how much energy one can spend.  The Glinnvyr, evolving in these conditions came to think and act separately, but more efficiently.  In their minds the costs of thought are low and with just enough awareness of their sorroundings, lipid rich meats to continue thinking uninhibited seemingly came to them instead of being something to forcibly chase after.  

While the fatty meats of their normal meals they could not live without, it is the liquid ethane that permeated their world in two large inland oceans and many streams which prove their true lifeblood.  For cyrovulcanism and Oil is what the life of their world thrives from.  That may come off as shocking given the widespread idea of water being like lava to the Glinnvyr.  That is only partially true- it burns, but it is not immeadiate death, it is much more horrible and tormenting than that.  It is like having molten sulfur poured on you more than molten iron.  It can be survived, but the pain of liquid water is unbearable and the steam of the cyrovolcanoes is as deadly as it is beneficial to the life of their world.  The Glinnvyr came use water mainly for industrial purposes, mainly as a fuel for their rockets and jets.  Using water in their rocket fuel with hydrogen rockets in earlier time periods before advancing to fusion and gravity energizing rocketry.

The biology of the Glinnvyr is notable for having extremely elongated limbs due to the low gravity of their world and the need to make rapid movements with less energy- scuttling simply is too costly in a low oxygen environment.  Hydrocarbons are the lifeline of any Glinnvyr and you often will find the Glinnvyr with lots of oil drinks everywhere they go in temperate climates like that of Earth.   The Glinnvyr also are fragile compared to us thanks to the low gravity of their world, which forces the Glinnvyr to make use of rubbery amplification suits designed to withstand the strong gravity wells of higher gravity worlds which can be quite limb breaking if one is too careless.

Glinnvyr history and Tech

In the midst of the Annihilation a strange upstart species appeared, that of the Glinnvyr.  Multiple groups of Glinnvyr set out to the stars once FTL was discovered. It would seem that the existence of space travel only caused fragmentations with the rather esoteric FTL form the Glinnvyr use having its first iterations in this time. They have a faster jump in general, but a much longer delay before they can jump as they must "charge" for a long period of time alongside the normal cool down.  This meant they could never retreat.  However, insead of fixing their flaw the Glinnvyr instead focused on improving their offensive capabilities.

The exploratory era ended in disruption from the annihilation that wiped out 20% of their kind in the long crushing. The long crushing caused a traumatic shift with the Glinnvyr who beforehand were a rather cordial culture that had some weird beliefs. From that point on they radicalized in their beliefs and gained an aggressiveness and dogmatism that they still have to this day.  Notably, it provoked a desire to unify into a greater force.
The Union of Realms was the first and only time the Glinnvyr experimented with a universal civilization. It was a loose confederacy of large factional units with their own military groups who acted in relative unison, conquering and wiping out multiple other cultures for being bad essences or simply to open their understanding of the world through a replicating act of the abuse they suffered. They had unique ways of dealing with different species, all based on the Eternal Judgement and some species were offed by a Glinnvyr sub-polity after being deemed unsuitable for existing in the Galaxy. The disagreements and contempt for these judgements flooded their ancient empire in all manner of controversies that only enhanced the miserable slant of their already hard to maintain society with the various crack downs and increasingly pathological self-loathing of this time at how horrible their kind has become under the Union of Realms.

The Union of Realms fell ill, though its cynicism and miserable origins had long affected its inhabitants who just at some point stopped giving any shits due to hating the stratification and hating the lack of autonomy the “confederation” supposedly allowed only for pressure to always be applied on those too exceptional.  The regulatory nature of the Union of Realms led to an outbreak of a million revolutions, spear headed by small groups of Glinnvyr with their “toy armies” fighting against an organized force and usually losing.  Usually.  The tide would turn as the million revolutions kept escalating in scope, until whole fraternities seaking the downfall of the Union obsessively for the sake of causing the Union’s downfall.  The fraternities would eventually, perhaps inevitably succeed as the lethargic communal leaders simply had no enthusiasm for perpetuating the realm they were meant to keep order for across the million star systems the Glinnvyr had in just a couple thousand years of their existence spread to.

One leader in particular is notorious for its insistence on the world diamond, a structure of insane opulence that the “Diamond Freak” would be of most noriety for.  The Diamond Frank niavely believed a diamond as big as a planet, made by the combined efforts of the Glinnvyr would bring the cohesion desired only to cause ever greater amosity as the various world-states had to go on ridiculous scavenger hunts just to fill their quotas (which they rarely did anyways) and the fraternities gained ever more power.  

The Union of Realms collapsed finally from this as the freaternities made their move and the grand disbanding occurred.  The fraternities as well disbanded, having lost all meaning in their existence.  The Union of Realms disbanding would lead to a slow decline in population as the Glinnvyr remained miserable for the ages to come.

One section of the Glinnvyr however, would decide that punishment had to be issued for their failures of the Union of Realms after a grand realization came- that all of existence is hell and that one must suffer in order to be free.  As well, someone had to pay the moral debt for the neglegance the Union of Realms had endured and the Glinnvyr and Glinnvyr alone are responsible.  This hell realm would evolve over time to become the galaxy's prison and be a faction in of itself, convincing many beings that reality is actually a hell and that everyone must suffer for their crimes in higher realms so that they may return, or else be doomed to fall even lower and lower.

Not all would be doom and gloom even as the Byzantine political networks during the Solemn Era grew and cemented a far more fractured system allowing for the rise of the Cyrawaloc under the Cobalt in relative peace while the Glinnvyr ended up a scattered mess for quite some time.  However, on the fringes a Glinnvyr society arose who gained a new vigor began a conquering spree of multiple species including the Pasis and Karko that would lead to the formation of the Empire of Endless Cream which sought the grand balance of power- a set of autocracies layed upon each other, an oligarchy of fraternities with their heads and connections to many worlds.  This balance oriented Imperium tried to invade hell itself, only to be bogged down by the toxicity of hell and later shifted towards a more stable mode of society that perhaps would be the reason for their millennia of progressive decline even as they took on the Dreamer and maintained peace in a realm stereotypically populated by oppertuinististic cretins.

The invasion of Hell led to the emergance of the Dreamer from developments cryptic and ancient from Glinnvyr explorers who happened upon a being they believed.  A being known as the dreamer who claimed that all of reality was a part of its dream, and that all are its creations.  Finally, that the creations need revision and to achieve this total galactic conquest was needed and that never ending bliss would finally be achieved.  Under the dreamer, an empire rapidly began to spread hellbent on conquering all of the galaxy.  The Dreamer Empire’s spread would be rapid as the subjugation and assimilation of world after world with populations made into mindless mockeries of themselves, blissful and without individual thought.  Made into ‘pure’ forms of themselves, which the dreamer convened upon into a grand harmoniousness which was absent before it awoke to see its creations gone so arwy.  It is unclear if the Dreamer Empire is a native product of the Glinnvyr or some other force entirely.  All that is known is the disruption that they caused would lead to a increasingly violent galaxy as other forces that be sought to tear the dreamer down before it could cement its vision for a galactic utopia.  It conquered multiple worlds of the sprawl and attained caches of weapons capable of destroying stars along with ships that simply outclassed most of what existed at the time.  With these technologies the enigmatic dreamer spread itself and began its grand plan to remake the galaxy in its own image.  

The Dreamer invaded and disrupted the balance of the Realm of Endless Cream while also invading the Cyrawaloc at their weakest point only to provoke the Cyrawaloc’s strongest into a long interstellar guerrilla war that would go on to inform the militaries of the Cyrawaloc to this day.  It seemed at the time that perhaps the Dreamer may win and that the future is one of endless bliss, but truth be told there was another force at play which tipped the balance entirely.

For between the conquests of worlds and invasions of interstellar civilizations, there was another society known as the Silent Imperium, an empire in the shadows that is seen as a marriage between multiple beings from multiple worlds which dedicated itself to protecting from the Mjazzans using technology from the Sprawl.  Their Imperium believed the Mjazzans behind all this as an indirect means of subduing all potential future competition to their existence and thus the Dreamer had to be destroyed.  The Silent Imperium ended up pledging silent support to the Realm of Endless Creme in their war against the Empire of Dreams- a move that ended tragically as the Dreamer was murdered.
The Dreamer’s assassination immeadiately lead to a catyclysmic cascade, with mass suicides breaking out and a multitude of quark missiles launched to wipe out their enemies including the Cyrawaloc and the Vopson.  Thankfully they only had a few hundred to spare- or else there likely would have been many fewer space faring societies today.  The Realm of Endless Crème temporarily collapsed and the Cyrawaloc would be in a state of complete dissarry until the rise of the Dominion.

The Hell Realm suffered, but it mindless rebuilt as it always does, to continue its propogating of suffering no matter the affairs of other societies.  It will take more than a few destroyed stars to end a fundamental force of nature!

The dreamer is still believed to "be out there", but for now the modern Glinnvyr in the past two millennia seemingly washed their claims of the dreamer and sobered towards new ideals.  The two most notable being a time oriented civilization emerged which sought to fix the errors of the past for good in their Empire of Synchronicities, or the Chromatic Empire. The Chromatics came to follow a color and time related outlook to the cosmos, much more material than what the ruins of the last three eras had. The Chromatics are not alone. There is also the Realm of Enlightenment, who are a spiritual hierarchy that opened back up the old faiths and aggressively suppress the very idea of the dreamer despite ongoing cultism rallying behind every pretender to being the true dreamer. There is no desire for dreams anymore- simply the pursuit of rationalism instead of mad claims of gods from here on out.

The Chromatics and the Enlightened work against each other, but have a similar dynamic the Cyrawaloc factions have where they are on good terms with each other compared to other species. The big difference however, is that cross migration is far rarer and the cultural rifts are much larger for them. This is especially the case with the barely kicking, but still dogmatic Hell realm that is under a mutual policy of containment by the two other large Glinnvyr realms.  The Glinnvyr in modern times mostly consist of world-states with contradictory allegiances, the Chromatics and the Enlightened wgo have countless relationships to keep track of with these world-states and micro polities shafted about in random corners of the universe as far away from everyone else as possible. They create large neutral zones around their part of the Galaxy, but otherwise keep into military alliances to ward away the Hell Realm and their habit of abducting anyone (even animals at times) perceived to have done "evil" (which includes ambition as a sin, so it's not even human definitions of evil).  The Glinnvyr give an illusion of unity compared to the Cyrawaloc ironically, if only out of ignorance of the insular hell realm and their harassment (and deals with) other societies in the Galaxy. It does not help that the Glinnvyr are simply a convoluted mess of changing relations near impossible to keep complete track of anymore.

The Realm of Endless Creme still survives as a notable polity, but this modern realm is basically a de facto protectorate of the Chromatics who keep them around as a buffer against the Ikeitans whose crusading is quite irritating. The Enlightened despite their anti-dreamer nature still have a belief in "fixing" the problems of other species and even tried fixing the Vopson, making the Cyanite strain of Vopson that merely is more prone to submission and childish behavior. They proved to be a great asset for the Enlightened despite that and they have deployed Cyanites in proxy wars multiple times.  That is until they decided to run away from their creators due to wanting to explore the galaxy with their Cyanite affiliated Glinnvyr friends and not fight others. The Foam people are a product of their tampering with human explorers to make them "better" by the minds of the Enlightened.  They are used to talk to humans usually.

Glinnvyr tech is diverse, being a mixture of native ingenuity with molten sulfur derived tech, kinematic energy gains, time dilation technologies, pain amplification systems, special geometries, charge drives and all manner of strange gadgetry that is still poorly understood alongside tech they clearly stole from the Sprawl's ruins like their designs for quark missiles or the hull systems used in their warships and even their rivals the Cyrawaloc (especially anything biotech related)

The Glinnvyr make use of mind-melding AI systems in the Wisest alongside genetic modification done to make new or exaggerated morphs they can consciously adapt much faster than nature intended, to the point where they have shapeshifter clades. Altering their action/thought pattern is always done to allow for faster cycling or better synced movement instead of ridding of it as it is just too innate to them and they just don't see any advantages in thinking/doing something at the same time. Even their automations follow these principles except for hair trigger defense systems.

The Glinnvyr are highly ritualistic and have many belief systems, these take many forms of varying dogmatism. Their civilization is cults built on cults, occultism is a reoccurring motif for their kind and they are extremely cryptic with other species due to their tendency towards laconic speech and using clearly stated movement in speeches, scientific inquiries or celebrations with noises being quick commands or shouts for help usually. They are very experimentation based; all their cults are just viewed as moral experiments in the long term of things with some making full blown theocracies and others being quite secular. It is very hard to grasp how such superstitious aliens can also be so in tune with scientific methods, or at least happen to use them in a way that gives them the technological advancements to be a space faring civilization.

The Glinnvyr do not actually have an ethnic cult, they're individualistic and despite the xenophobia are prone to sometimes prioritize the wellbeing of an idea over the wellbeing of their species of the individual is compelled by it enough.  In general, Individual Glinnvyr can actually be rather friendly, but when in large aggregations they turn more xenophobic to outside ideas.  Assimilating other species to their mode of thought is what they do instead of genocide usually.
Remember those depreciated encyclopedias?


Good, I have something better now.


The formatting and grammar is horrible for now, just to warn you.


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