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Fosskemian digital sketch by zoppadoppa Fosskemian digital sketch :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 0 0
The Glinnvyr
Biology and Psychology
Glinnvyr are ice worlders who have transcended the slowness of typical low metabolism life by shifting metabolic states- being statue-like one minute and moving at insane rates as needed.  The Glinnvyr are in a niche akin to a more social jaguar, climbing in trees and hunting down prey.  However, despite their low sociality they can be shockingly coordinated.  Their social structure is more egalitarian and individualistic than humans, with much less social stratification in general, often being united by common ideas more than by kinship.  The Glinnvyr body design is very elongated, with three jointed limbs that at the third joint split into two sub-limbs which act like both extremely large grabbers with their hands and feet at the ends of them.  
The Glinnvyr can radically alter their time perception as needed, in factors of 100 at most.  Most Glinnvyr tend to seem like statues until they inexplicably move rapidly, sometimes
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Tikali by zoppadoppa Tikali :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 2 0
Universe Kappa
Seeding approach! 
Thematically it shall be about paranoia, cultural relativism vs absolutism, the contradictory nature of our existence and ephemerality of civilization.  Also about exploration, curiosity and contending with overwrought fear brought on by our nature. 
Or something like that. 
It’s not a cynical sci-fi, it’s much more optimistic than a lot of other sci-fi settings out there.  However, for all the atrocities there is still a sense of nobility which pushes us forward even in a seemingly corrupt and desolate existence. 
Humans have hit a zenith, breaking away from the petri dish of Earth and setting up colonies in other star systems.  Technology is not too different from today despite there being over a thousand years from now to the future, but to pretend like major shifts in how human cultures and societies behave have not occurred is madness.  The automation revolution and the existence of all matt
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Universe Zeta Pt. 2
Humans have had a harsh history, no doubt.  First humans struggled on their home world against each other, than struggled against the Vamusk slave raiders to their best abilities.  But of course, humans had to dig deeper and deeper.  The Vamusk are thankfully a blind species, and have many enemies.
The Grand Coalition, the most powerful human society which had a dozen colony ships colonize star systems over a thousand light years from Sol managed to get themselves into a war with another alien civilization.  Fools!  But lucky fools, for the Silver Legion was merciful by comparison and only installed a puppet government to aid in integration to their society- they saw it as a path to redemption for your kind.  You see it as but another xeno oppressor. 
Mind you, this is not a galaxy where it is just “aliens and humans”- this is a galaxy where there are Ccrypcp, Asantum, Vamusk, Rovii, Human and Aveterriat.  And countless others, for th
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Universe Zeta Pt.1
-Lux energy/particles.  Lux comes from stars.  Lux has properties in its nature that allow it to rip cuts in the fabric of reality, allowing for interstellar travel.  Lux is pretty much scratching the surface on just what is possible, and is not a easy resource to attain.  Lux is concentrated most around bright stars and sol is too dim to have Lux.  Thankfully an interstellar network of naturally occurring points in space where interstellar travel is achieved from connective strands (‘stress marks’ in space-time) between stars exists.  Lux essentially creates space-time bubbles around ships and ‘slides’ to other star systems based on the direction of the drive itself.  The bubble generating components of the ship being more or less a means of amplifying or modifying the shape of the spatial bubble.   
-Jump Points are naturally occurring wormhole anomalies
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Universe Epsilion
Living among the ruins of the greatest empire that ever existed, surrounded by beings demonic and angelic. The crying towers of metropoli endless. The once pristine cityscapes reveal their cracks, the mindless drones who act without thought, they work as they had for millennia. I see all this from the gaping wound of a skyscraper.  
Making way, there is a path to greatness among this maze. A portal opens with a zap of energy, to worlds too distant to accurately fathom.   
Against beings from hell we managed to persevere, they do not intimidate or rule us.  We are seeking a civilization of humanity.  It exists out there, where? No one knows. In a galaxy so vast, a entire empire is impossible to find. 
We travel from gateway to gateway, travelling to worlds numerous. Every turn, it would seem that there's another danger awaiting for us. For however long, no one can truly know, since the end, this is how things have been.
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Universe Alpha
The Spinoza Setting, reverbing in the efforts to cut down the non-sense sees the built up world in the fundamental way.  Less magical quantum events, more natural means of exploring and minimal FTL systems that don’t overburden the setting with some over complex network of worm holes or some other drivel of that sort.   
This document is to help in building out the baseline of my setting using data gained from nearly three months of world building along with the occasional short story attempt. 
I suppose I am trying to find the identity of the setting and its tenets.  Let’s begin!  
Using a Gregorian calendar, it is the year 3450 AD.  Interstellar civilizations have been established for millennia.  Humans are one of the denizens of the stars now, having long since left their attachment to earth.  
I plan to build out my setting, than  
Faster-Than-Light (o
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Universe Delta
Well, my friend.  Gero’s life is one that seeks a happiness from the tower of stone.  Where he looks out the windows to the endless and azure seas.  There, he sees the troublesome fact as he walks out among the crumbling rocks, the jagged steps with the footsteps of many before him.  What is he to the vastness above him? 
And does it matter? 
Gero enters his space craft, at the dock of the sea, the comfort of the pilot seat nothing to the sheer acceleration and force launched upon him as things accelerated out to the depths.  Skimming the ocean surface as the ship accelerations, lifting upwards to hypersonic velocities in a matter of seconds.  Flying through the clouds, dense as they are, the sheer amount of energy streaking a light through the sky.  Rapidly, his ship soars beyond the clouds and towards the exosphere.  Going at velocities fas
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Zatrai Destroyer by zoppadoppa Zatrai Destroyer :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 0 0
Unknown Story
I see a phantom on the white shores and turquoise seas.  This phantom is a tall, meandering figure made from fake cobalt fabrics with geometric patterns.  The phantom’s robes slowly float in the breeze, so much like an apparition that the only thing that comes to mind is a phantom.  I am not sure if it’s anything artificial due to the sheer ethereal nature of it.  It looks at me, despite having no eyes.  Instead, this phantom has an obsidian black head shaped like a dodecahedron.  Just by that strange glare it has, I had a clue of where I am.
I am not on Earth.
The thick air of this planet is breathable.  However, I must breathe heavily, much more heavily than on Earth.  The pressure of the air thankfully isn’t choking.  It’s more like a light mist as opposed to a dense cloud of smog.  Regardless, I find myself panting.  Simply looking into the sky reveals just how unearthly the realm is around me.  The
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Vectored Milky Way Galaxy by zoppadoppa Vectored Milky Way Galaxy :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 0 0
A (proclaimed) Million years of galactic History
(Before 1 Mya) Archaic Epoch  
The earliest epoch, mainly filler to bloat the timeline as to claim “million years of galactic history” despite not really wanting to have that much time.  I initially was going to, but didn’t want to overly stretch things out.   
Anyhow, this epoch will look a bit at the state of the galaxy before the civilizations of the fumes.  Before the fumes, the only civilizations that could develop, in absence of FTL, would be hive minds and gaians.  These entities were very slow paced, operating on time scales much higher than the ephemeral flash of civilization that would consume the milky way galaxy in the times to come.   
The hive minds, which may have taken the form of machines as well, had to spend millennia trekking from star system to star system.
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Older Space Opera History
In the times before the Empire, there came the Builders and pantheon.  The builders and the Fumic were the two first societies to exist.  In a untainted galaxy the Fumic in this early era feigned godhood to multiple species- the Pantheon being the first interstellar empire.  The Pantheon was a paradise, as was the perfection of the builders who built massive structures and lived within their own world content with their vast megastructures built again and again, for the sake of creation.  The Pantheon acted as a universal moral society over all lesser societies.  At the time species now lost to time and the Vamusk were among these species.  The Pantheon lasted for thousands of years, their dominance unquestioned by these primitive societies.   
The Pantheon however grew more corrupt, and despite eight thousand years of seemingly golden rule would commit the original sin- t
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Logarithmic Future
Ten Years 
Hello!  Let me tell you about the future.  
 Tired of the war on terror?  Oh well, the worst parts for you back in 2015 are only now beginning.  To say the least, it’s going to get way, way worse before it gets better.  To think, a whole generation of bullshit jihads and terror attacks commissioned by self-proclaimed, dirty lying imams that things finally are starting to calm down in the Middle East  …If only of course because there’s so few radicals these days and so many drones keeping watch they can’t really do much.  
The biggest issue now is in close proximity to China, with NK experiencing another humanitarian crises after China cut off any kind of aid but food to them…  Of which is traded for uranium by the state.   
Oh, and one last thing, if you were born in the 1990’s and have a 8
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Galactic Populations by zoppadoppa Galactic Populations :iconzoppadoppa:zoppadoppa 3 0


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Dimitri Kusnetsov
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(Despite my fake name, I am actually every shade of caucasion ethnic BUT slavic)

I don't write about myself. However, I will say that I am a fan of sci-fi and tragedy. Also I like writing when I am not doing college work or doodling out imaginary worlds.
Remember those depreciated encyclopedias?


Good, I have something better now.


The formatting and grammar is horrible for now, just to warn you.


Fosskemian digital sketch
A digital sketch of a fosskemian, who are amphibians of sorts (their "legs" are used to float about in water, slide about, walk and glide for a bit...  Well, a bit).  Sketchbook traced from a drawing.

The pink things it is holding are anyone's guess.  Weapons perhaps, one may assume, or it could be some dumb bell type thing.  You will never know.


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